The Raconteurs-Consolers Of The Lonely

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This is not a new find or anything, just a really good band to jam to. Comprised of members of The White Stripes, The Greenhornes, Blanche, and The Dead Weather. It's just ole' fashioned and simply dirty rock & roll. Rock on Raconteurs, rock on.

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Bayside is so good

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This is going to be just a quick post, I love bayside. I'd have to say they are one of my favorite bands (period).

If you have never listened to them check them out. I am adding a few of my favorite songs to give you a starting point.

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Manchester Orchestra - Mean Everything To Nothing

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Recently i listened to a song and it really struck a chord in me. It was by the band "Cute is What We Aim For", the song is called Hollywood. Anyway there is a line in that song that states "When singers wrote songs instead of hooks" and damn-it, it's true. Recently bands are so fixated on writing an amazing hook or writing a song that may have deep meaning but bores me to death. There used to be a day when a band would write something that truely was deep and catchy. Well i present to you Manchester Orchestra.

This album is something I have not heard in a long, long time. The pop sensability and passion of a ..... well the only word I can dig up is grunge band. Yes, Yes I know I will catch some hell from some people for using that word. All I can say about this album is: amazing. I would have to say please pick this up, there is nothing else on the shelves of your record store (that i have listened to anyway) that compares to this.
From the intro to "The Only One" I was hooked on this band. I hung on every word and note. This truely caught my attention. The tracks that are a must listen to are-

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Breathe Carolina - Hello Fascination

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Breathe Carolina is among the numerous other dance-core, Crunkcore, or "what ever you may label them" bands. I pile synth, drum machines, and auto-tune create the canvas for Hello Fascination. If you love post hardcore and you also LOVE electronica then here you go.

My first impression when listening to this was, "wow for only 2 guys in the band they are really good". After about the third song I found my self bobbing my head and dancing my ass off. These guys understand the concept of an infectious hook, to the point where every song pulsates through your blood but I did find one fatal flaw in the music.....I don't remember the song after I listen to it. There isn't too much memorable to anything. Yet I can't stop listening.

Do I reccomend this? Hell Yes, on a mix for a party or jamming out in the car BC is perfect. Heavy grooves and rediculously infectious hooks drill their way into your brain creating for an unstopable private dance party, but as far as depth and sustainability, I give them a (B-) at most. This may be one of those thing I have to grow into but as for right now throw the iPod on shuffle and hope BC comes up so we can dance it out.

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I See Stars - 3D

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Yesterday I was wandering around __stings Music store/ Book Emporium brew-ha-ha looking at the new releases and just wasting my lunch hour when on accident I stumbled upon a CD. Right behind Engelbert Humperdinck's Greatest Hits, I discovered "I See Stars".

I have seen this band live and I really enjoyed them, but I never took the initiative to acquire their album until yesterday. After listening to it I have a new found appreciation for these kids. Now don't get me wrong the album is not "blow me away" great - but it is good and especially from a band that is sooooo young.

To me the songs that really strike a chord are "The Common Hours", "3D", and the uber dancy "Sing This!". I would give this a try if you are into bands like Attack Attack, 3OH!3, Reggie and the Full Effect, and anything else that shares the whole Dance-core blood.

If you dig these guys they have a few shows coming up and I encourage you to go out and support them. You won't regret it.

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Brand New - Daisy

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Jesse Lacey you are my God! Ok, maybe I am over exaggerating but this cd is amazing.

On Tuesday (9/22/09) Brand New released their 4th studio album. After waiting far too long all I have to say is if you are a fan you will not be disappointed. If you aren't a fan then consider this your gateway drug! From the oh so odd intro to "Vices" to the strangely familiar "You Stole" (reminds me very much of Jesus Christ off of "The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me") You will venture through the greatness that is Brand New.

This album is a powerful progression from anything else that Brand New has done. It is almost as big of a jump as they exibited when transitioning from "Your Favorite Weapon" to "Deja Entendu". As a listener you will travel the spectrum from post-hardcore, to hillbilly country, to indie.

I can not sing the praises of Brand New enough. This album is phenominal and I suggest picking it up immediately. For a deal Hot Topic is selling the cd + a t-shirt for $20 the week of release. This is a steal when the t-shirt its self is $20!

Track List:
# Title Length
1. "Vices" 3:24
2. "Bed" 3:10
3. "At the Bottom" 4:04
4. "Gasoline" 3:32
5. "You Stole" 6:00
6. "Be Gone" 1:31
7. "Sink" 3:20
8. "Bought a Bride" 3:07
9. "Daisy" 3:06
10. "In a Jar" 3:06
11. "Noro" 6:27

Please guys I beg you to give this CD a listen, you will not be mad.
Also Brand New will be having a show on October 28th @ La Zona Rosa In Austin TX w/ Thrice and The Builders and the Butchers, check the calendar.