Okkervil River

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Do you like Ben Folds? Now imagine if you will that Ben Folds was attacked by a hillbilly inside of a science lab. During this epic confrontation they both fall into a gene splicing machine and their bodies are combined. Bam! The byproduct from this horrific accident is an amazing beast of a folk band called Okkervil River. I am slowly falling in love with these guys.
Okkervil River has a very distinct mixture of Appalachian folk, pop, and rock. I was turned on to these guys by a friend, for which I am forever in dept. I say give these guys a chance, it is well worth a listen.

The Songs that I am most digging would be:

Our Life is not a Movie or Maybe off of The Stage Names album
A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene off of The Stage Names album
For Real off of the album Black Sheep Boy album
Lost Coastline off of the The Stand Ins album

Another new find - K Será

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So late night on the old computer and I am super bored. I happened to stumble across a little gem from Sacramento, CA called K Será. Comprised of Mike Caswell, Sean Stack, David Christensen, Dustin Combs, & Jordan McCoy these guys write some really great music. Take a little burlesque, a little folk, some off the wall rock and roll and punch it in the face and you have K Será. Instead of me just serving you up a sample of their album, i will one up it. How about a free download? Sound good? Also if you like these guys check out Forgive Durden Well if no then i'm sorry and you are very hard to please.

Let me know what you think. Email me, BookFace me, and don't forget to look at the Tweeter!

K Será
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My Dinosaur Life.....Oh yes it is!

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I am always affraid when a band puts out a new album. The fear of one of "your" bands releasing an album that is below your disgustingly high expectations is crippling, and it should be. What makes this even more intense is when you unexpectedly are hit with a new album and paic sets in. Oh no, where have you been, and why have you not heard anything about it? This is what happened to me today. I was completely unaware that MCS had a new album on the way let alone it has been out since January 19th.

I loved the first three Motion City Soundtrck albums (I Am The Movie, Commit This To Memory, and Even If It Kills me). MCS has this distinct ability to take a rediculously infectious hook and build a complex, yet manageable song around it. Now take that process and repeat it 12 times, without being repetitous. Ha! Done!, and this latest album does not disappoint (sigh). I will say this, it is sharply different than anything else they have done. Maturity in a band can be taken so many different ways but i claim that this maturity is great. If you have never ventured into the realm of MCS this is a great starting place. With hook after hook you cannot help but sing your heart out with each and every song. If you are not a fan of powerpop music, then this my not be your cup of super-sweet tea. All in all I would have to say at least give this a shot.

Score - 81%

Top Songs:
Her words destroyed my planet
Pulp fiction

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Sky Eats Airplane / Drop Dead, Gorgeous ... and bands.

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You know I had an epiphany. I am telling everyone, "hey everyone! Go to this show, it's going to be great", but i'm willing to bet most of you have never heard 90% of these bands. So i decided that all the shows I am deeming amazing, I will be posting up a few songs for people to taste. An appeteaser of sorts. So the next upcoming show that I will definately be attending will be Sky Eats Airplane, Drop Dead, Gorgeous, Motionless in White and Sleeping with Sirens in Dallas @ The Door on April 14th. The show starts at 7, oh and bring your dancing shoes because there's going to be a fight.

Where: The Door Dallas TX
When: April 14th 2010
Who: Sky Eats Airplane / Drop Dead, Gorgeous / Sleeping with Sirens / Motionless in White
Genre: Hardcore

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Long time no talky

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It has been quite a while since I have posted anything and I feel bad. I don't have any new music to share, again I am very sorry. What I do have is an invitation to a few shows that are a must see early this year

What? Killswitch Engage / The Devil Wears Prada / Dark Tranquility
Why? Devil Wears Prada - no other words are required
Where? Stubbs BBQ Austin TX February 28th

What? Owl City / Lights and Paper Route
Where? Stubbs BBQ Austin TX April 15th

What? Sky Eats Airplane / Drop Dead, Gorgeous/Motionless In White/ Attila/ Sleeping With Sirens
Where? The Palladium Dallas TX April 28th

What? Alexisonfire / Trashtalk / La Dispute / Therefore I Am
When? The Prophet Bar Big Room Dallas TX May 4th

Make sure to check the calander for a few good shows: