Manchester Orchestra - Mean Everything To Nothing

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Recently i listened to a song and it really struck a chord in me. It was by the band "Cute is What We Aim For", the song is called Hollywood. Anyway there is a line in that song that states "When singers wrote songs instead of hooks" and damn-it, it's true. Recently bands are so fixated on writing an amazing hook or writing a song that may have deep meaning but bores me to death. There used to be a day when a band would write something that truely was deep and catchy. Well i present to you Manchester Orchestra.

This album is something I have not heard in a long, long time. The pop sensability and passion of a ..... well the only word I can dig up is grunge band. Yes, Yes I know I will catch some hell from some people for using that word. All I can say about this album is: amazing. I would have to say please pick this up, there is nothing else on the shelves of your record store (that i have listened to anyway) that compares to this.
From the intro to "The Only One" I was hooked on this band. I hung on every word and note. This truely caught my attention. The tracks that are a must listen to are-

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