I See Stars - 3D

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Yesterday I was wandering around __stings Music store/ Book Emporium brew-ha-ha looking at the new releases and just wasting my lunch hour when on accident I stumbled upon a CD. Right behind Engelbert Humperdinck's Greatest Hits, I discovered "I See Stars".

I have seen this band live and I really enjoyed them, but I never took the initiative to acquire their album until yesterday. After listening to it I have a new found appreciation for these kids. Now don't get me wrong the album is not "blow me away" great - but it is good and especially from a band that is sooooo young.

To me the songs that really strike a chord are "The Common Hours", "3D", and the uber dancy "Sing This!". I would give this a try if you are into bands like Attack Attack, 3OH!3, Reggie and the Full Effect, and anything else that shares the whole Dance-core blood.

If you dig these guys they have a few shows coming up and I encourage you to go out and support them. You won't regret it.

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