Breathe Carolina - Hello Fascination

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Breathe Carolina is among the numerous other dance-core, Crunkcore, or "what ever you may label them" bands. I pile synth, drum machines, and auto-tune create the canvas for Hello Fascination. If you love post hardcore and you also LOVE electronica then here you go.

My first impression when listening to this was, "wow for only 2 guys in the band they are really good". After about the third song I found my self bobbing my head and dancing my ass off. These guys understand the concept of an infectious hook, to the point where every song pulsates through your blood but I did find one fatal flaw in the music.....I don't remember the song after I listen to it. There isn't too much memorable to anything. Yet I can't stop listening.

Do I reccomend this? Hell Yes, on a mix for a party or jamming out in the car BC is perfect. Heavy grooves and rediculously infectious hooks drill their way into your brain creating for an unstopable private dance party, but as far as depth and sustainability, I give them a (B-) at most. This may be one of those thing I have to grow into but as for right now throw the iPod on shuffle and hope BC comes up so we can dance it out.

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