Okkervil River

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Do you like Ben Folds? Now imagine if you will that Ben Folds was attacked by a hillbilly inside of a science lab. During this epic confrontation they both fall into a gene splicing machine and their bodies are combined. Bam! The byproduct from this horrific accident is an amazing beast of a folk band called Okkervil River. I am slowly falling in love with these guys.
Okkervil River has a very distinct mixture of Appalachian folk, pop, and rock. I was turned on to these guys by a friend, for which I am forever in dept. I say give these guys a chance, it is well worth a listen.

The Songs that I am most digging would be:

Our Life is not a Movie or Maybe off of The Stage Names album
A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene off of The Stage Names album
For Real off of the album Black Sheep Boy album
Lost Coastline off of the The Stand Ins album

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