Another new find - K Será

Posted by Thor's Hammer | Posted on 10:02 PM

So late night on the old computer and I am super bored. I happened to stumble across a little gem from Sacramento, CA called K Será. Comprised of Mike Caswell, Sean Stack, David Christensen, Dustin Combs, & Jordan McCoy these guys write some really great music. Take a little burlesque, a little folk, some off the wall rock and roll and punch it in the face and you have K Será. Instead of me just serving you up a sample of their album, i will one up it. How about a free download? Sound good? Also if you like these guys check out Forgive Durden Well if no then i'm sorry and you are very hard to please.

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K Será
(To download right click the link and then click Save As...)

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